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Top 10 Outdoor Activities to Do When You Are in Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is like that dream island where you get the epic combination of deep blue sea, white sand beaches, clear blue skies, spotless green landscape, and some exotic cuisines. It is definitely one of the places that should be in your travel bucket list. It is not just the combination of all these magnificent features that make Anna Maria Island a must-visit place. There are numerous outdoor activities that will make your stay even more interesting. Here are some of the things that you should try:

  1. Kayak rides

  2. What happens when you go to the zone where motorboats are not allowed? You reach serenity and calmness. Far away from the madness of the island, there are spots where you will get kayaks on hire. They are not like flat boats that you have to stand and ride. You will get proper harness and safety equipment along with the punt to ride through undisturbed mangroves and waterways. The water is calm enough and you need not worry about the occasional tides when you are on the kayak.
  3. Go parasailing

  4. Right after you come back to the shore with your kayak, fly high into the sky. The spectacular parasailing ride awaits you. As you are harness to the parachute, you will have butterflies in your stomach. If you are afraid of heights, this is the best way to beat that phobia. You will fly high into the sky as the speedboat in the sea controls you. It is the ideal way to get a bird’s view of the entire Anna Maria Island. When you see the blue color of the ocean and the beautiful landscape of the island from high up, you will not feel like coming down again.
  5. Enjoy a peaceful sunset

  6. There are hardly very few places in the world where you can experience the most romantic sunsets; Anna Maria Island is one of those places. The beaches are not too crowded and you can finish all your outdoor activities and simply relax on the beach for hours. Gaze at the setting sun and contemplate on how simple life can be if you want it to be.
  7. Experience go-karting at its best

  8. If you love Formula One or rather, if you love to drive cars at full speed, there is an option to enjoy a lot at Anna Maria Island. Visit Andersen Race Park and gear yourself for a round of go-karting. This 1.6 km ride will be one of the most enjoyable moments of your life. There are 13 sharp turns that you have to tackle. Don’t worry, you will not get injured even if you are not careful in one of the turns. You can reach a maximum speed of 77 kmph. So, go-karting with your family and see who wins.
  9. Horse surfing

  10. Just like you had a peaceful stroll in the water on a kayak, similarly, you can stroll around the beach and many of the unexplored areas on a horse. The horses you find at the Anna Maria Island are very friendly. They are familiar with the routes. All you have to do is get on the horse and have enough time in your hands to watch the sunset into the sea while you explore various parts of the beach.
  11. Climb through the monkey swings

  12. A trip to Anna Maria Island will be incomplete if you don’t visit TreeUmph. This is one of the most renowned adventure parks where you get a lot of activities to do. Your children will love you for taking them to this place. There is a zip line that will help to literally fly through the woods, climb and swing through the monkey swings, and crawl on the monkey bridges. This place will make you want to come back and try all the rides again.
  13. Rush through the sea in a jet ski

  14. Another fabulous addition to water sports is the jet ski. You may have only dreamed to be on a jet ski till now but you dream will come true at Anna Maria Island. There are numerous jet ski rentals that are available on the beaches. If you are not sure how to operate, get a guide from the place where you are renting the jet ski from. They will help you understand how to operate after going into the sea.
  15. Tiki-tastic massage on the beach

  16. The best way to relax and take your mind off from the daily work pressure is to get a tiki-tastic massage. This is a spa that is provided right on the beach. It will be best if you can get this massage as the sun is about to set. You may fall asleep for hours while getting this massage.
  17. Visit Bean Point Beach

  18. If you are one of those who likes to be in secluded places far away from the gathering of people, then this is the place to be. It is located far north of Anna Maria Island. You can either walk or take a bike to reach there. Since most people are not aware of this place, you will not find a lot of people rushing to take pictures or things like that. You will also get a breathtaking view of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge from here.
  19. Go on a boat tour

A boat tour is a must when you are at Anna Maria Island. This is the best possible way to see thousands of manatees, various species of birds, and hundreds of dolphins. There are 90-minute boat tours that will give you a full view around the Anna Maria Island. Do take your children on this tour. A trip to Anna Maria Island is going to be one hell of an experience. With so many things to do, there will not be a boring moment here. So, if you are wondering where your next vacation destination will be, do take Anna Maria Island into consideration. You’ll thank yourself for doing so.